Bleaching, What Is It? Is It Safe?

What is Bleaching? Bleaching facial and body hair is a method of hair removal, but actually, it does not involve hair removal at all. Bleaching is a process of making hair in facial and body areas, less visible. Bleaching is not a method of hair removal, rather it is a method used to make the hair a bit less noticeable, by actually blending the hairs with the skin. Bleaching is especially useful for areas that have thin but dark, noticeable hair like on the arms, face, or neck. Thus bleaching works well on hair that is not thick or long. How Does It Work? Bleaching is performed by applying a chemical composition to the desired area, which, after a period of 10 minutes or so, removes the pigment from the hair. The composition is then removed from the skin using cold water. The process is very similar to that of….

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Shaving 101 & How to Get That Perfect Shave?

What is Shaving? Shaving is the procedure of hair removal, by using a bladed instrument like a razor, to slice down the hair, to the level of skin or otherwise. Shaving hairs with a razor is the most commonly used technique for temporary hair removal. It is very less effective when matched to all the available hair removing treatments that we have across the world, as it merely cuts the hair till the skin surface level, while the root of the hair still remains. It may be the least effective technique of hair removal, but it also is economical of all. This is the reason that makes it the most popular of all existing hair removal procedures. You should also note that as this is a temporary hair removal method, the effects would last for very few days only. Shaving is universally practiced by men, in particular, to get rid….

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Laser Hair Removal And Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, then you probably know that shaving is quite awkward. This is because it is difficult to bend down, plus you may also be experiencing increased hair growth because of the hormonal changes that your body is going through. Thankfully this will end once your baby is born. However, if you have had excess hair before you even became pregnant, then you may not be able to get rid of it so easily. For these various reasons, many women find themselves desperate enough to consider laser hair removal in the months that are leading up to the actual birth of their baby. While laser hair removal can be extremely effective since it targets the hair’s pigmentation and thermally damages the hair follicles, it is difficult to tell whether or not this is safe for pregnant women to undergo. This is because there have not been any studies….

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The Dangers Of Laser Hair Removal

A lot of people believe that laser hair removal is simply a cosmetic procedure, which is wrong. Laser hair removal is considered to be a medical procedure because of the risks, dangers and side effects that is associated with the procedure even though these risks, dangers and side effects may seem to be quite insignificant. By now you probably have realized that laser hair removal is a very popular procedure. Lots of people around the world have used this method on some part of their body. As such, you will clearly see that the risks of laser hair removal are not deterring anyone from using this method of hair removal. However, if you plan to have laser hair removal done, you should still know what the risks involved with this procedure are. In order to do so, you must first understand the science behind this treatment. Many people do not understand….

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Waxing Pubic Hairs

If you are planning to wax your pubic hair, you should not take a shower prior to doing so. This is because showering will cause your pubic hair to become soft as it will absorb any water. Of course, when this happens you will find that your pubic hair will be less likely to adhere properly to the wax. You will find that dry hair will also make the wax easier to pull off. However, you are still going to want to make sure that there are not any lotions or oils on your skin as these will prevent the wax from adhering close to your skin. Steps To Properly Waxing Your Pubic Hair If you are just beginning to wax your pubic hair, then you will want to make sure that you test a small area of your skin before doing the whole area. In this area you will….

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