Bleaching, What Is It? Is It Safe?

What is Bleaching?

Bleaching facial and body hair is a method of hair removal, but actually, it does not involve hair removal at all. Bleaching is a process of making hair in facial and body areas, less visible. Bleaching is not a method of hair removal, rather it is a method used to make the hair a bit less noticeable, by actually blending the hairs with the skin. Bleaching is especially useful for areas that have thin but dark, noticeable hair like on the arms, face, or neck. Thus bleaching works well on hair that is not thick or long.

How Does It Work?

Bleaching is performed by applying a chemical composition to the desired area, which, after a period of 10 minutes or so, removes the pigment from the hair. The composition is then removed from the skin using cold water. The process is very similar to that of hair coloring.

Dark haired women find that bleaching mustache areas are less expensive than electrolysis as well as less painful than plucking. The effect remains for two-three weeks only, therefore bleaching has to be done after every few weeks. It may cause little or no irritation to a person’s skin. At a time a large area of hairs on the skin can be bleached. The skin won’t lose its color and neither would react because of the bleach.

What Possible Factors Effect Facial Hair?

  • Hereditary Factors
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Stress
  • Menopause
  • Use of Steroids

What are the Advantages of Bleaching?

Easiest Hair Removal Method: It’s simple and easy to perform. You do not require any skills like in case of waxing, and neither do you require any finesse like in case of shaving. You can bleach yourself on most of the face and body parts.

Speed: The whole process of bleaching requires no more than 15 minutes in total. Mixing the composition, applying it and washing it off. It’s easy and fast. And while it is applied to the desired body part, you can do whatever you want.

No Hair Removal Side-Effects: Since you are not plucking or pulling out the hair, this process is painless. Also, you will not be facing issues like razor burns or bruising or the most awkward of all, the ingrown hairs.

Cheap & Affordable: Bleaching cream does not require prescriptions and can be found at any local drug store. They do not cost much and the small bottle can last for few months depending on how much you make use of it. So it’s cheaper than almost all hair removal methods and it’s affordable as well.

No Running to Keep Those Appointments: Waxing, Threading and Laser Hair Removals, all require you to make an appointment with the Spas and Salons or the Clinics. You can bleach your hair at your own convenient time, sitting at home. No need to make an appointment.


What Are the Disadvantages of Bleaching?

Not a Hair Removal Method: As mentioned before, it is not a hair removal method. You will not be able to feel the smoothness of the skin surface that you get with other hair removal methods. Plus, even though the hair will match the color of your skin, but they will be noticeable when you are in direct sunlight.

Not Long-Lasting: The process removes pigmentation from the hair follicle and not the root. Thus the hair above the skin is the only part that is lightened. Eventually, as the hair grows, the color of the new part will be natural and will immediately start to be noticeable.

Not For Every Hair Type: Bleaching process works on fine and small hairs only. It won’t work on dark or thick hair types.

Not For Every Skin Tone: Unfortunately for medium to dark skin tones, bleached hairs might be still noticeable because of the color contrast (Light goldish hair on dark skin). Also, the bleach may react with dark skin tone and lighten it up for 2-3 days which may look bad.

Allergic to Some: When using bleaching creams, you might feel the slight tingling sensation when the cream is working. This is normal and happens to all. However, some sensitive skin types might feel a burning sensation which is not fine. It means that your skin is allergic to some of the components in the bleaching cream. You might want to read the manufacturer’s directions written on the cream, for proper usage, but if the problem persists then remove the cream immediately and stop using it. You might need to find some other brand that probably does not use the ingredient that is causing allergy or you may have to give up on Bleaching hair removal treatment all the way.

What is the Cost of Bleaching Kit?

A bleaching cream kit can cost between $5 and $15. How many applications you actually get out of a single kit depends on various factors like what area you are bleaching and how many areas you will bleach. Varies for every person.

Keeping Safe. Taking Care

It is advised that proper consultation and advice should be taken regarding bleaching and bleach products. Some bad products available in the market may cause irritation or rashes on few skins.

It is always advisable that when you are trying new products like these, always try on a small area first. If it is causing a burning sensation or rashes, then you can clean it off and discontinue its use. Sampling and testing the products like this with your skin ensures if the products are safe for use.


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