Bleaching, What Is It? Is It Safe?

What is Bleaching? Bleaching facial and body hair is a method of hair removal, but actually, it does not involve hair removal at all. Bleaching is a process of making hair in facial and body areas, less visible. Bleaching is not a method of hair removal, rather it is a method used to make the hair a bit less noticeable, by actually blending the hairs with the skin. Bleaching is especially useful for areas that have thin but dark, noticeable hair like on the arms, face, or neck. Thus bleaching works well on hair that is not thick or long. How Does It Work? Bleaching is performed by applying a chemical composition to the desired area, which, after 10 minutes or so, removes the pigment from the hair. The composition is then removed from the skin using cold water. The process is very similar to that of hair coloring. Dark-haired women find that bleaching mustache areas are less expensive than…

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