Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams can be rated somewhere between shaving and waxing. They are much more effective than shaving treatment is but at the same time they don't go as deep as waxing does. Yet depilatory creams provide you a painless hair removal experience. If you are at anytime in a big hurry and want to get rid of those unwanted hairs on the body, then depilatory creams are the best bet. They are easy to apply and effective in short run by removing the hair just below the skin's surface. A depilatory cream is a mixture of mildly caustic chemicals that contain sodium and calcium thioglycolate. These products are designed to dissolve the hair just below the skin level, thus removing all visible hair from the treated area. Since, depilatory creams contains chemicals, their use may cause skin irritation to some. A very sensitive skin won't be able to tolerate the irritation. It is advised that such creams should not be…

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