Electric Spring Rotator

An electric spring rotator is a device in that has a tight vibrating spring which is held next to the skin to catch multiple hairs at once and pull them out. This spring was in the shape of a bow with the coils were on the one side of the spring. These springs would then hold tightly onto the hair while the coils were spread apart. The motor would then cause the springs to rotate and flex. When you moved this machine across the skin, your hair would be caught up in the springs and get pulled out. The way in which this is done is actually quite similar to waxing. This procedure was actually first released by Epilady in 1986. Since then other companies have began selling this hair removal system. Two others are the Remington Lady Remington and the Smooth and Silky models. They use rotating discs instead of springs but work quite similarly to the Epilady. This…

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