Shaving 101 & How to Get That Perfect Shave?

What is Shaving? Shaving is the procedure of hair removal, by using a bladed instrument like a razor, to slice down the hair, to the level of skin or otherwise. Shaving hairs with a razor is the most commonly used technique for temporary hair removal. It is very less effective when matched to all the available hair removing treatments that we have across the world, as it merely cuts the hair till the skin surface level, while the root of the hair still remains. It may be the least effective technique of hair removal, but it also is economical of all. This is the reason that makes it the most popular of all existing hair removal procedures. You should also note that as this is a temporary hair removal method, the effects would last for very few days only. Shaving is universally practiced by men, in particular, to get rid of their facial hairs. Both men and women also prefer…

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