Short Wave Diathermy

Thermolysis is also known as short-wave radio frequency diathermy, radio wave, or short wave.It was developed in the 1940's when AC/DC current became much more common. This current is required because it is the electricity that kills the hairs. This is a process of hair removal that began in the middle of the twentieth century. It works by inserting a probe into the follicle, like you also do in electrolysis. Once the probe has been inserted into the hair follicle, the water molecules that are present in the hair begin to move around and produce heat. This is how the base of the hair is destroyed so that no hair can re-grow there in the future. For this reason, some people have actually chosen to combine this method with electrolysis. This is known as the blend method. The blend method is a lot quicker and it is also much more efficient, which is why it is becoming so popular. It…

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