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The Forgotten Technique: Dissecting The Decline Of Electric Spring Rotator


The electric spring rotator is a hair removal device that utilizes a vibrating spring to catch and pull out multiple hairs at once. In this article, we will explore the mechanism of this device, its history, its different variations, and the pros and cons associated with its usage.

Mechanism of the Electric Spring Rotator

The electric spring rotator features a tightly coiled vibrating spring that is held next to the skin. As the device is moved across the skin, the hair gets caught in the springs and is pulled out from the roots. This process is similar to waxing and provides temporary hair removal.

History and Variations

Epilady introduced the electric spring rotator in 1986, pioneering this hair removal method. Since then, other companies such as Remington have entered the market with their own variations, using rotating discs instead of springs. These devices operate in a similar manner to the Epilady, providing users with an alternative option for hair removal.

Epilady Electric Spring Rotator
Epilady Electric Spring Rotator

Advantages and Disadvantages

The electric spring rotator offers several advantages, including ease of use and convenience. It is a simple and straightforward method for temporary hair removal, lasting approximately 1 to 2 weeks. However, this method can be painful, especially for individuals with coarse hair, as it involves pulling the hair out from the roots. First-time users may experience more discomfort, and some individuals may develop skin irritation. To mitigate these issues, some users prefer to have the area professionally waxed before using the electric spring rotator, focusing on removing regrowth rather than tackling new hair growth.

Comparison with Epilators

Alongside electric spring rotators, there are tweezers-type devices known as epilators, which represent a more modern version of this hair removal system. Epilators feature a refined design with metal plates mounted within a plastic housing. The rotating plates create a tweezing effect, gripping and extracting the hair as they rotate. While this method provides effective hair removal, it should be noted that some strong and brittle hairs may snap off instead of being completely pulled out.

The Decline of the Electric Spring Rotator

Over time, the popularity of electric spring rotators has declined due to their limitations and the emergence of more advanced alternatives. The temporary results, potential pain, and skin irritation associated with this method have led consumers to seek more efficient and comfortable options like laser hair removal, electrolysis, and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments.


Although electric spring rotators were once a widely used hair removal option, they have gradually lost their prominence in recent years. While they offer simplicity and cost-effectiveness, their temporary results, potential discomfort, and availability of more advanced technologies have led to a decline in their usage. Consumers now have access to a range of options that provide longer-lasting results. It is recommended to explore alternative methods such as laser hair removal, electrolysis, and IPL for more efficient and satisfactory hair removal experiences.

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