Electric Spring Rotator

An electric spring rotator is a device in that has a tight vibrating spring which is held next to the skin to catch multiple hairs at once and pull them out. This spring was in the shape of a bow with the coils were on the one side of the spring. These springs would then hold tightly onto the hair while the coils were spread apart. The motor would then cause the springs to rotate and flex. When you moved this machine across the skin, your hair would be caught up in the springs and get pulled out. The way in which this is done is actually quite similar to waxing.

This procedure was actually first released by Epilady in 1986. Since then other companies have began selling this hair removal system. Two others are the Remington Lady Remington and the Smooth and Silky models. They use rotating discs instead of springs but work quite similarly to the Epilady.

This form of hair removal lasts for 1 or 2 weeks and it is very easy to use. However, this can be a painful form of hair removal if you have coarse hair since it involves pulling the hair out at the roots. This pain can be especially painful the first time that this procedure is done. The procedure itself can also cause some people’s skin to become irritated. For these reasons, some people actually prefer to have the area which they plan to use this procedure on professionally waxed before doing it for the first time. Then this tool can be used to remove any regrowth that occurs after waxing. This is great because due to the different phases of hair growth not a lot of hair regrowth will happen after you start using epilation. As such, it is a lot less painful than waxing and it will not be as painful after the first session. Plus, the number of broken off hairs will diminish with regular usage.

There are various types of electric spring rotators including powered, rechargeable and battery operated. The only part of your electric spring rotator that will need to be replaced regularly is the spring. They need to be replaced because they are continuously flexed and thus will occasionally fail to work. Luckily these are sold separately as a replacement part.

Epilady's Classic Electric Spring Rotator
(Shown Here: Epilady’s Classic Electric Spring Rotator from 1988)

Besides electric spring rotators there are also tweezers types rotators today known as epilators. These are actually the most modern type of this system. They have refined the system to the point that the plates are no longer complete discs. The head incorporates a series of metal plates that are mounted within a plastic case or housing. The ends of the plates are either exposed at one or both sides of this housing. Whenever the head rotates, the plates’ tips move together and apart one time per revolution. This is how the tweezers effect is created. The hair, that is between the plates whenever they close is then pulled out as the plates rotate away from the skin. It is then released as the plates separate. As such, there is a continuous cycle of gripping, pulling, extracting and discarding of your hair as the epilator moves across your skin. Some hairs that are strong and brittle will simply snap off just above your skin’s surface instead of being pulled out.

Numerous different brands of this hair removal system exist. Even Epilady had discontinued their electric spring rotator machine, (until recently when they relaunched it due to requests by veteran fans) and now they produce various tweezers type models instead.

Please Note: This article is for informational purpose only. Please contact your doctor/dermatologist for proper guidance and information.

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