Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams can be rated somewhere between shaving and waxing. They are much more effective than shaving treatment is but at the same time they don’t go as deep as waxing does. Yet depilatory creams provide you a painless hair removal experience. If you are at anytime in a big hurry and want to get rid of those unwanted hairs on the body, then depilatory creams are the best bet. They are easy to apply and effective in short run by removing the hair just below the skin’s surface.

A depilatory cream is a mixture of mildly caustic chemicals that contain sodium and calcium thioglycolate. These products are designed to dissolve the hair just below the skin level, thus removing all visible hair from the treated area. Since, depilatory creams contains chemicals, their use may cause skin irritation to some. A very sensitive skin won’t be able to tolerate the irritation. It is advised that such creams should not be used on sensitive skins such as around eye area.

There is high pH level in the depilatories that dissolve the hair at the skin’s surface. They are gentler on the skin than shaving or waxing. Depilatories are especially good for sensitive or bumpy areas such as the bikini line, above the lip or under the arm. They do tend to smell pretty unpleasant but at a single given time, you can clear larger areas, quickly and safely. Besides, those parts will stay hair-free for longer time than if you shaved. However it is advised that if you are doing it for the first time, you should apply a test patch. Also, there are different products for specific areas of the body that consider the range of skin sensitivity and strength hair. It is advised you consult your doctor before using any.

Here are some tips for that smooth and soft touch hair removal experience if you use depilatory creams:

  • Always clean the skin first to open the follicles and check that oils are not preventing clean contact.
  • Begin by trying a test patch on your forearm just in case you have a reaction. It’s fairly rare, but these are caustic chemicals and you will need to aware that in some people they can cause skin irritation, discoloration or allergy.
  • Always read the instructions. They will state a maximum length of time you should leave the cream on for. Don’t exceed it.
  • When removing the product, use a damp wash cloth in downward strokes. The extra pressure will help break away more hairs and you can shower after you’ve cleared away as much hair as possible.
  • Never apply depilatory cream anywhere near a cut or other skin break.

If you are planning to use it on your face, well take care that you buy the right creams for that. Depilatory creams for the face do tend to be gentler and work better on soft, fine hair. It’s your face after all. For obvious reasons these creams will work better on women’s face who only have soft and small hairs to remove and would prove to be ineffective for men having hard beard.

Depilatory creams are considered to be one of the fastest ways for hair removing. However it’s not a permanent hair removal method. The hairs will grow back soon but won’t be hard or dark. Depilatory creams are safe. They can be used regularly and are tested to government standards. Depilatory creams provide a pain free experience without any problems. Definitely, worth a try.

Please Note: This article is here for general information and should not be taken as medical advice. It is advised that you consult your doctor/dermatologist or seek professional help in such cases. Thank you!

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