Hair Removal Treatments

Hair Removal Treatments Shaving: A variety of razors are available in the market. From electric shavers to throw away, plastic, one time use razors. People fear that shaved hair grows back thicker. But the fact is that it does appear thicker as the hair is clipped at the thick stem rather than at the root. Regrowth of hairs occur very quickly. Bleaching: Special dyeing creams, which are used to bleach dark hairs, in order to blend them with the skin's complexion. However this treatment is not much preferred as it lasts for approximately a week only, and since it does not remove hair, so therefore is inappropriate for thick hair growths. It is relatively inexpensive, but requires lot of practice before anyone can expertise in it. Depilatory Creams: They're the gentle creams which actually dissolves the hair at the root. It is an effective method but the results last only for few weeks. It is an easy to use and…

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