Shaving 101 & How to Get That Perfect Shave?

What is Shaving?

Shaving is the procedure of hair removal, by using a bladed instrument like a razor, to slice down the hair, to the level of skin or otherwise.

Shaving hairs with a razor is the most commonly used technique for temporary hair removal. It is very less effective when matched to all the available hair removing treatments that we have across the world, as it merely cuts the hair till the skin surface level, while the root of the hair still remains. It may be the least effective technique of hair removal, but it also is economical of all. This is the reason that makes it the most popular of all existing hair removal procedures. You should also note that as this is a temporary hair removal method, the effects would last for very few days only.

Shaving is universally practiced by men, in particular, to get rid of their facial hairs. Both men and women also prefer shaving their chest hair, leg hair, underarm hair, abdominal hair, pubic hair and other body parts where hair grows. Some even shave their heads as well, whether it be for religious purposes, health issues, armed forces or sports or just fashion in general.

What are the Types of Shaving Razors?

There are three types of shaving razors. Each and everyone has their own preference, as they all are equally capable of giving you a good shave. To begin with, there are two types of manual razors, namely straight razor and safety razor. And then the third razor is the new generation electric razor.

Straight razors are the razors wherein the blades fold into their handle. They are also known as open razors or cut-throat razors. It was once the only method of shaving but now you can see it mostly at barber shops, as it requires extreme caution and skill to shave with it.

Safety Razors came next to straight razors. They provided a safety between the sharp edges of the blade and the skin and so it was termed safety razors. It requires lesser skills to shave compared to straight razors. Plastic disposable razors and the new generation razors with replaceable blade attachments are used very commonly in this age. The manufacturers usually compete with the number of blade edges they provide in their blades for the utmost clean shave.

Electric Razors, as the name suggest requires electricity or batteries to operate. They usually have a rotating or oscillating blades that may run on a small DC motor. New advancements are being made in electric razors on daily basis. They generally do not require shaving foams or gels or water for use.

How to Get That Perfect Shave?

Shaving hair can be problematic for both men and women. It seems pretty simple but, it’s not. According to a various dermatologist, one should follow these steps to get the perfect shave that you desire.

  1. Before you begin to shave, one should apply water to your skin and hair. This is done to soften the hair. A shower or a bath before shave will really soften your hair.
  2. It is important to apply a shaving cream or a foam or a shaving gel. Not only do they make your hair stand up, but also moisten them even further and provides lubrication when shaving with the razor. Some people also use petroleum jelly or Vaseline to reduce the friction, however, it has been reported that it may cause irritation to the skin. It’s best to see what suits you the most.
  3. Be sure to shave by moving your razor in the direction of the hair growth. Doing so in the opposite direction will give you a feel that you got the hair more closely to your skin, but it will also damage your skin pores and hair follicle, which might lead to bleeding, cuts, soreness or irritation.
  4. Always keeps the blade clean and sharp. Most blade manufacturers will give you an average number of shaves that their razor blade can handle. After that, make sure you change the razor blade. Blunt blades can pull your hair while shaving and that will cause a lot of pain, redness, irritation etc.
  5. Do not press the razor blade on your skin very firmly. This will help avoid nicks and burns.

You should always be careful using razor blades. They are really sharp and can very easily cut your skin. So one should use extreme precaution while handling them to avoid cuts and bruises.

Why Do You Need After Shave Products?

Shaving may lead to aberrations, cuts, razor burns, and bumps, etc. Most of these happen because of blunt razor blades or improper shaving techniques. To avoid any infections on the aberrations and to reduce irritations, it is important to sterilize the area post shaving. A good after shave lotion or balm will help you achieve that as they contain antiseptic agents. Additionally, they also soothe the skin with the moisturizer while providing a nice fragrance.

Common Myths

It was believed that when someone shaves the hair on a body part, the hair grows back thicker, fuller and faster. However, Shaving hair does not make the hair shaft thicker. Neither does it make your hair grow faster or darker. Actually, when the hair grows back, the hairs would be more noticeable and give the impression of being thicker as the shaft has a blunt tip rather than the pointed one or the normal one.

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